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What can I say about The Blogcademy that has not been said before?  The two day workshop is “for bloggers who want to push their online presence and businesses to the next level.” The Headmistresses are by three high-profile bloggers, Gala Darling (Gala Darling), Kat Williams (Rock n Roll Bride) and Shauna Haider (Nubby Twiglet) who cover everything related to blogging strategy, branding and personality. Words like fabulous, inspirational, glittery, engaging and epic are all accurate descriptions of the Blogcademy but they do not come close to describing the life changing experience that came in the turquoise packaging. Hackney-20130119-00062

The weekend began on Friday when the country was covered in snow and the weather experts were telling us ‘do not travel unless your journey is essential’ – did they not know I was going to The Blogcademy, my journey was way more than essential!?!  After packing up my car with my warmest fur coat, snow boots and a thermos of hot chocolate I began my travels, I was not going to let a bit of snow stop me from getting there.Untitled

Day One and the air was full of excitement, anticipation, the fashion stakes were high, there were a host of ‘ears’ in the room and our Headmistresses did not disappoint.  Kat, Gala & Shauna entertained us with their stories, ideas and experiences and shared the secrets of their success, they were incredibly honest and supportive of the array of students they had in front of them.  We hung on their every word, eager to soak up every last gem of the fabulousness and sparkles that oozed out of them.Untitled3

To say that The Blogcademy has changed my life may sound a little over dramatic but it has inspired me beyond words and has given me a new found enthusiasm for my blog and my business.  I have already made my way through most of the 30 strong list of things on my to do list after the workshop!


Yes, there were many sparkly goodies in our pack from Head Full of Feathers and Crown & Glory, branded rings and phone covers, and not forgetting cupcakes a plenty from Restoration Cakes, but more than that Blogcademy has introduced me to a fabulous community of amazingly talented women who are all keen to share in my experiences, the Graduates have a secret group on Facebook where we can all share our journeys and problems with a host of advice from bloggers who know your pain.314282_503009236408180_1491603801_n

If you are thinking of signing up to attend Blogcademy do not hesitate – you won’t be disappointed!

I really can’t thank Kat, Gala, Shauna & my fellow Graduates enough for this wonderful experience, I only have one question – when is the reunion party!?!

Love & Sparkles

Ruby kisses



Photos from me, Gala’s Flickr & group shot from Shell De Mar

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