Ruby Loves Friday – Finding a New Groove

This has been a week of treats for me, it started with Vickie’s birthday lunch at the weekend, multiple shopping trips, hanging out with my family, soaking up the sun and generally chilling out – and I realised that I really needed it, it was long over due. So this week I have taken my cue from my dog Bella and relaxed – it is a hard life but someone has to do it!


Here is a little of what else in the world I’ve been loving this week:

 Is this the ultimate cheese cake!?!   The new RocknRoll Bride & Crown & Glory headpiece collection is to die for!  Five Fabulous Favours Yours Guests Will Appreciate  Lunch with Millie & Lois  Delicious Homemade Iced Gems  Business Tips with Ryan Gosling  Gorgeous Sparkles  Freaky & Fascinating – Animal Eye Close Ups  Red Eyebrows  The Stripes in this Wedding are awesome   Snow White Sneak Peek from Shannon  Relaxed Love Shoot  The Most Stylish Groom (& Groomsmen) I’ve seen for a while  Quirky Fete Wedding  1950s Old School Glamour Wedding  Sweet Oxford Engagement Shoot   Raspberry Jelly & Ice Cream  Helpful Wedding Stationery Guide  Vickie’s Birthday Lunch & Many, Many Cocktails  Some Women Like Sex – Get Over It!  Fun Brasserie Wedding with Two Dresses  Müller Rice, Rice Baby – check out the dancing bear!  Kylie Whooo – such a good sport!  This Colourful Multicultural Brighton Beach Wedding Rocks!  Wow – THIS Alternative Desert Wedding!  Treating Myself to a Little Shopping Trip  Regal Cocktails to Toast the Royal Baby – why not!?!   Zombie Apocalypse Fun Run – only in America!  Navy Blue London Wedding  50s Ballroom Wedding Hairspray Inspired Retro Wedding  I Need This Cute Bunting Air Freshner for My Car!  Steamy Facts About Climax Blown Away by this Lavish Big Sur Wedding styled by Preston Bailey 

 I’m not a football fan but you’ve got to admire this guy’s skills!

I Am So Going To Try This!

vodka jelly

 This video of Emma & Pete is super cute

The Drive – Grooms Fashion by Sammy Aki

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it – Roald Dahl

Have a Fabulous Weekend.

Love & Sparkles

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