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It is odd that I chose today to write about Oxford’s newest attraction when it is raining outside but actually it is taking me back to my childhood when my parents took me and my sister to the beach for the day and we spent most of it sat under an umbrella, wrapped up in blankets waiting for the rain to stop!  You see in this country us Brits don’t get to see the sun very often and when we do, we go crazy – it is as if we all get infected.


I don’t know about you but I love a trip to the seaside but from my location in the middle of the country, the beach is a long way off, whichever way you drive.  This is where the genius that is Max, from The Big Bang Restaurant comes into play, why drive for a couple of hours to the beach when you can bring the beach to Oxford and that is exactly what he did!  Max brought in no less that 32 tonnes of sand, deck chairs and palm trees to create an oasis in the busy city centre.

I met Nikki Loy, for lunch, last week and we headed to the beach to check it out for ourselves.  I was already tempted by the offer of cocktails and a bbq but when we arrived I immediately felt a sense of calm wash over me.  It was a lovely sunny day, groups of people where sat chatting around the edges of the beach, children were building sand castles and playing football, it was a typical British beach scene minus the sea and the annoying seagulls!



I had the refreshing Raspberry Presse and the delicious Bacon and Stilton salad, also on offer is the The Big Bang Beach Barbeque plate and an ever changing Daily Specials menu.


If you haven’t visited the beach yet I urge you to pack your sunblock and head down to The Oxford beach before the Summer disappears altogether.  It will be open daily from 10am to 10:30pm daily for cocktails, BBQs, beach games and general basking in the sun.

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