Ruby Loves Friday – Friends, Fun & Cocktails!

I’ve had so much fun this week and I really don’t want it to end!  I’ve done absolutely no work this week and I have totally unplugged – apart from posting many, many pictures of food and drink during my celebrations, it has been really refreshing!  Back to it and no doubt my huge inbox next week but for now I still have two more days of RnR to enjoy!

Oh, and a shameless plug – don’t forget my wedding fair at Hawkwell House Hotel this Sunday!



Here’s a little look at what I’ve been loving this week:

 Colourful Goth Bridal Shoot  Banksy  Bride Who Designed Her Own Dress  Girls Night Out  Three Ways Not My Arms Challenge – Silliness a Plenty! Cute Baby Trying to Say Flamingo is too Funny! Spanish Rock n Roll Wedding  Awesome Friends  21 British Problems  Granny Irene Says NO To Homophobia – She Rocks! Vintage Italian Wedding  Shamelessly Expensive & Fancy Cocktails  Why You Should Have a First Look at Your Wedding  Hair Crimpers  THIS Made Me Smile So Much! New Years Eve Farm Wedding  Beauty Standards Are Bullshit  Birthday Cake For Breakfast  Keira Knightly Wrecks Her Wedding Dress – I Love Her Attitude Afternoon Tea Style Wedding  Hampton Court House Wedding

What Do You Do When No-One is Watching?

This is Why We All Love Blogcademy!

Oh, Ricky you Big Sell Out!!

 “Live your life and forget your age”

– Norman Vincent Peale

Have a Fabulous Weekend.

Love & Sparkles





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