I wanted Belle to be timelessly beautiful with our Beast to be rugged and tattooed surrounded by stag heads, so a shooting lodge was the perfect location for the shoot. Now, taxidermy may not be the first thing you think of when you start planning the design of your wedding but I think you’ll agree that it makes for a stunning backdrop to some fabulous images.

Beauty & the Beast - 013

For the top table I wanted to create a medieval style banquet with lashings of gold. I used gold plates and goblets paired with delicate gold rimmed wine and champagne flutes.

Beauty & the Beast - 106

Beauty & the Beast - 150

Beauty & the Beast - 059

The table was covered in a dramatic array of gorgeous red roses, mixed foliage and fruit. I added varying height to the flowers so it looked more natural, almost as if they were growing right out of the table.

Beauty & the Beast - 119

Beauty & the Beast - 184

Beauty & the Beast - 074

The cake was the centrepiece for the table and the chocolate flowers looked so real you couldn’t tell them apart from the real flowers. The main feature of the cake was the baroque clock and outrageous antler candelabra horns – it really was a masterpiece that I couldn’t take my eyes off.

Beauty & the Beast - 045

I used animal heads to create the backdrop for the shoot and furs to decorate the chairs. Rabbit fur napkin holders were a fabulous addition, with bird claw place name holders to add to the theme. As a gentle nod to the Disney film we also had Billy the squirrel holding a red rose in a glass dome.

Beauty & the Beast - 288

Beauty & the Beast - 027

Beauty & the Beast - 065

I also included some tempting food dishes, which were all game based – there were delicate dishes for Belle and more rustic, meaty dishes for our Beast. The addition of this tailored menu really added some character to the shoot and the overall look.

Beauty & the Beast - 019

Beauty & the Beast - 067

Beauty & the Beast - 120

We then left the shoot lodge to have some fun in the woods, with coloured smoke bombs, which created some fabulous images as the light came through the trees.

Beauty & the Beast - 297

Beauty & the Beast - 339

Beauty & the Beast - 411

Beauty & the Beast - 392

Behind the Scenes Video

360 Degree Tour of the Shoot

Dream Team Roll Call

Cake: Choccywoccydoodah
Flowers: Green Parlour
Food: The Wild Fork
Taxidermy: Death + Glory
Suits: Clements and Church
Wedding Dress: Butterfly Bridal Boutique
The Beast: Shaun Hayes
Belle: Rachel Hirst
Video: Oxford Wedding Video
Styling: Ruby Wedding Design
Photography: SLR Photography
Makeup & Hair: Zoe Campbell
Venue: Wellbarn Estate Lodge

Please note that all taxidermy in this shoot is either vintage or responsibly sourced and nothing was killed for us or because of us.